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Management Team

Established in 1982 by Mario Schaechter, UFC has grown from a single country local firm into a regional operation in Latin America and the Caribbean. The enterprise is currently helmed by Mario successors along with key partners and other professionals in the insurance industry with over 100 years of management expertise. Over the years, we have become one of the most preeminent consultancies in the insurance field, and have cultivated an international reputation for outstanding services and products. Based in Miami, a city known as the “Gateway to Latin America,” our office and our business are among the largest wholesalers of insurance products in Latin America and the Caribbean. These four decades have seen UFC’s network of consultants expand in number and across borders, without ever losing the hardworking, loyal, family-focused charm and personalized attention that brought us to life in 1982.

Our Strengths



UFC focuses on protecting your assets so that they cannot be impacted by unforeseen events or uncertainties. This stability is ensured via quality products, dependable team members, and strong relationships with distinguished insurance carriers. Management here at UFC strives to use decades of expertise to provide support and insight to clients and consultants, ultimately providing both with valuable, sturdy benefits.


After nearly 40 years in the field, UFC’s experience, connections, and network are expansive and unparalleled. Consultants with UFC have been at the forefront of innovation, crafting effective, adaptive, and relevant solutions for our clients year after year. This allows UFC to expertly provide consultants with value propositions that are attractive to clients, which enhances consultants’ potential by upgrading their portfolio of products while creating value added for their customers.

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