The Investment Process

1. Determine your goals for the future.  It is necessary to carefully structure your investment plan as it can be a means of achieving both long-term or short-term goals. There are different needs or goals, one might have that makes us look into investments. For example, one goal may be to generate funds for a child’s college education, using returns from investments can provide funds for education. Alternatively, another goal may be to create a portfolio that will provide us with income for use during retirement. Knowing what you want to accomplish will make it easier to tailor the investment plan to fit those needs.

2. Decide how much you can initially investment. Depending on your goals, a consultant can aid in deciding how much you would need to initially make available for investments. Once you determine that you can decide what investment plan you would like.

3. Think about your comfort level in regard to taking risks. With most investments, assuming a greater degree of risk does hold the potential to generate higher returns, but it also means a greater chance of losing your investment. For people who are more conservative with money, beginning your plan with a focus on bonds and stock options that carry less risk or volatility is good place to begin. You can always try a riskier investment at a later date, once your understanding of market projections and trends increases. It is important to discuss this with your consultant, periodic revisions should also be made, so you can adjust the risk at different times according to what you feel comfortable with.

4. Diversify your selection of investments. Rather than focusing strictly on stocks associated with a given industry, secure options that encompass several different industries. Also consider investing in bond issues and other relatively safe investments as part of the personal investment planning. Diversification helps to insulate you from incurring staggering losses when one industry experiences a downturn, since there is a good chance losses created by a couple of investments will be offset by gains realized with the other investments.


It is important to start investing early. If you would like us to contact you to asses your alternatives. Please fill the form below and we will be happy to contact you and discuss several options.